Maki, a registered trademark, is an experimental project in creativity that comes to life in an exclusive space. Here, ideas are developed, nurtured and brought to fruition. Truly unique accessories of all kinds, hand-made with love and attention, become the fruits of planted inspiration.


Vintage fabrics, retro charms, classic buttons, antique beads and all sorts of forgotten beauty, once left by the wayside, now remembered, transformed into original necklaces, brooches, rings, hats, and veils. The flavor is old-fashioned, the final product, modern, chic and positively inimitable. 


Each piece carries with it a special character, inspired by the days of yesteryear - the interpretation of classic cinema, ground-breaking photography, the genius of art, the beauty found in real life.


Maki is a journey of craftsmanship around the world; London, the gracious hostess; Paris, the mother of style; New York, the treasure chest of markets, workshops and the constant evolution of fashion. 


The woman who wears Maki makes her own history, creates her own vintage, wears her own fable. She is the mark of her appreciation for the whimsical beauty and timeless fashion of days gone by.

B Cohen



cappellino vintage

"Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress

(Coco Chanel)